Thursday, 10 July 2008

I have been a bad blogger!

Now then - I have no excuse other than I have been busy!

Things have been pretty hectic around me at the moment, work is crazy - trying to get the new company website ready to go live, as well as doing about a dozen other things. I had my Dad and Step Mum come to stay from Portugal, which was great - I just love it when they come to visit.

Finally I had to get ready for my Fiskars demo last weekend - which I think went pretty well.
I enjoyed myself - seemed to help some people out and had a little crowd watching what I was doing - so all seemed good.

Things are now getting back to normal. I am really looking forward to the end of term for Eloise - she is so tired and really needs a break. We both are fighting off colds at the moment and looks like hubby may be coming down with it too - we all just need a nice long rest (dream on eh!).

Anyway - things that are going on in the next few days are:
We are all going to see the new Disney Pixar film on Saturday - I think it is called Wall-E (really looking forward to that)
Then Sunday I have the demo at The Range in Truro, Cornwall - their new store - so that should be fun. Never been to a brand new Range before.
Then next week - website work work and more work!

I hope to get chance to play a bit too - I need to take photos of the cards that I took and the ones that I made from the last demo and get them on here too. Getting a bit late now though - so hopefully will do that tomorrow.

I also have to give a challenge a go which is on the Fiskarettes Blog - check it out - it is their first one, so you really should get involved.

That's it for now then - Bye
Georgie xx