Sunday, 29 November 2009


PVA glue and big cardie sleeves do not mix!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Yay - it's the weekend

It's an early start for Ellie and I today.  The Brownies have organised a 'Golden Globe Event' at our local Odeon Cinema and the girlies have to put on their bestest outfits and at 9.30 this morning will be walking down the red carpet - how exciting is that! I am very jealous :-)

I am just about to get Ellie moving as, at nearly 9 years old, the fashionista in her has kicked in - 'Oh What to Wear' - no longer happy with what mummy picks out.  She did whittle it down to one of three outfits last night, so I see a mini fashion show coming on.

As for me, going to be a mum's taxi day, and I really hope for a bit of time working on the advent boxes as time is running out!

Georgie xxx

Friday, 27 November 2009

What to do?

Morning :-)

Just got back in from the school run, which was a rather chilly and wet one this morning.  Nice to be all snug indoors, but typical that the blue sky is back now.  What's up with that?  I really think someone up there has it in for me sometimes.  Watches for when I reach for the door and then bam - the heavens open - just till I get into the car mind you and then it stops!

It's the last day of my week off work and I just can't decide what to do today, so many things to choose from:

  • Washing
  • Food shopping
  • Deliver PTA letters
  • Housework
  • or make a start on the advent boxes that I have decided to finally make for Eloise
I think I know which one is going to get done today!  Every year I admire other peoples fabulous creations and think yes, I will do one this year, and then the time just disappears.  Probably doesn't help that Ellie's birthday is on the 21st December, so trying to get ready for her birthday and then Christmas is always  pretty busy.

Anyway, a couple of days ago I actually bought the card - three A3 sheets of white pearl (think I may have gone over the top with that , but better to be safe than sorry and anyway we can never have too much card). But then I had a very hard time choosing between two lovely scrapbook pads by My Minds Eye.  In the end I went with their 'Wonderful Winter glittered papers' for the fun bit.  I just love every design in there (just hope Ellie likes it too).

This is my favourite for today, as every time I look at them there is another one that looks yummier than the last.

Right then, I am going to stop yapping on and I have decided on the plan for the day:

  • Cuppa
  • Crafting 
Blow everything else, I'm on holiday!  

Georgie xx

Monday, 23 November 2009

Just like waiting for a bus, nothing for ages and then two turn up at once

There really must be something wrong with me - blogging twice in one day, well that is just unheard of.

I just had to share a little tale about me and my bessie buddy Faye.  We are very lucky in that we both love everything crafty and can spend hours discussing articles in craft mags, moaning about the lack of craft shops down our neck of the woods and swapping info when we find something worth looking at on E-bay!  Well, this is what happened.

I found a lady selling some second hand stamps, and a great deal of them there were too.  There was a massive selection and all good makes, so the first thing I had to do was send the shop address to Faye (I tried to do this in a discrete email, so the hubbies wouldn't be alerted to possible spending on stamps, so no GREAT CHEAP STAMPS ON EBAY! in the subject).  That was that, job done.  Next thing I did was went and bid on a stamp, a little ant in a hammock - and forgot about it.

I won the auction for the little ant stamp (not sure why I am calling it little, as in general most ants are little!) and had a really nice surprise when it arrived.  The lady had included two little packets of flowers and a selection of stamped images on postcard sized card  for free :-)  I was overjoyed with the little crafty freebies and my new stamp.

Faye came around for a visit with my gorgeous godson, and I was telling her about my lovely surprise extras and showed her the stamp, to which she exclaimed 'I bid on that one too!'.  What are the chances of that eh!  Lesson learnt for today is - make sure you tell bessie buddy what you are bidding on on e-bay!

Right, hubbie home so better get tea sorted x

It has been a while

Now then, I am not sure if I can remember how to do this - but I will give it a go!  It has been a little while since I have blogged and I was starting to think that if I didn't do something on here soon, then my poor little blog would end up in the big trash can in cyber space!

I actually haven't been making any cards and have had a spate of stamping and colouring images.  I have been bitten by the copic and pro marker bug and I am learning slowly how to use them, so I get a half decent image at the end of it.  Taking a while, but I am getting better - still getting the whole shading and light thing right is another story though!

Anyway, here is a piccie of my card.  The stamp was borrowed from my bessie mate Faye who, by the way, has a fantastic blog which you should go and take a look at Her take on life and being a mum is just hilarious and certainly brightens my day when I read what she has been up to.  She is also a very talented paper-crafter and produces beautiful cards.

I am going through an orange and brown phase at the moment - not sure if that is due to the lack of copics in other colours :-)