Saturday, 26 March 2011

Bi-annual blog post ;-)

Seeing as I am so rubbish at posting I have decided to set quite a low target - bi-annual posting!  So here is the first one for 2011 and the next one I can schedule in for sometime after October ;-).

I am blaming the lack of posts on the fact that I am now back working full time.  After working part time for the last 9 years, what a shock to the system that was!    This all happened in the autumn last year, and was only temporary as there was so much on at work, well there is still so much on at work, so it is now permanent and I think I am getting into the swing of it now (only took me 6 months).

Card making has definitely been on a back burner and I think I have only made 2 or 3 cards - one which was for my niece 21st birthday.  I wanted to make something she could keep, and she has quite an unusual name, so thought it would be nice to use that:

It turned out to be a rather large easel card - I think she liked it.

I had the last week off from work.  It was rather busy but lovely, family and friends visiting, oh and a session of koi carp resuscitation, after the fish decided it wanted to leave the pond one night - and I found it playing dead in the wood chippings at 6.15am.

Off I went to get some paper to wrap it in - and then it's gill started moving!  So I leapt to its aid (in my dressing gown and pink marigolds!) holding it in the pond and swooshing in over the air bubbles (seen hubby doing this when another one tried to make a break for it) - anyway after about 20 mins I passed it over to hubby to carry on with the intensive care.  I went to thaw out my hands - bloody pond was freezing!  Anyway, the fish survived and lived to swim another day :-)

On that happy note I am off to make bacon sarnies xx