Monday, 6 October 2008

Here's one

I actually got around to making a card! I was meant to be making a birthday card for Tim's Grandad, and in the search for a stamp I found my Penny Black Hedgehog Visit, and I just had to use it :-)

I used Pink Petticoat papers, flowers from Poppicrafts, ribbon from a Craft Work pack and some little sparkly gems.
I think this may be a little too girly for Grandad eh? Never mind - I have an excuse to make another card.
Night all xxx

Saturday, 4 October 2008

No Excuses!

Well then, it has been such a long time since I have been blogging. Anyway - thought I would try and get that sorted and do a little note to say Hi.

Nothing really that new going on in my life. Eloise has settled back into school really well - loves being a Junior in Year 3, this is the first time she has looked forward to going to school - no more tummy ache or tears in the morning - which is really strange after 3 years - but it is lovely that she looks forward to going in now.

What else has been happening - not much that I can think of, how boring is that! I haven't been doing much card making at all - just the odd card here and there, for family and friends, which I didn't even take piccies of - so nothing new to show at the moment.

I hope everyone is well, I am going to surf some blogs now, take a look at all the lovely cards you guys have been working on and wait for the inspiration to hit :-)

Take care
Georgie xx

Thursday, 10 July 2008

I have been a bad blogger!

Now then - I have no excuse other than I have been busy!

Things have been pretty hectic around me at the moment, work is crazy - trying to get the new company website ready to go live, as well as doing about a dozen other things. I had my Dad and Step Mum come to stay from Portugal, which was great - I just love it when they come to visit.

Finally I had to get ready for my Fiskars demo last weekend - which I think went pretty well.
I enjoyed myself - seemed to help some people out and had a little crowd watching what I was doing - so all seemed good.

Things are now getting back to normal. I am really looking forward to the end of term for Eloise - she is so tired and really needs a break. We both are fighting off colds at the moment and looks like hubby may be coming down with it too - we all just need a nice long rest (dream on eh!).

Anyway - things that are going on in the next few days are:
We are all going to see the new Disney Pixar film on Saturday - I think it is called Wall-E (really looking forward to that)
Then Sunday I have the demo at The Range in Truro, Cornwall - their new store - so that should be fun. Never been to a brand new Range before.
Then next week - website work work and more work!

I hope to get chance to play a bit too - I need to take photos of the cards that I took and the ones that I made from the last demo and get them on here too. Getting a bit late now though - so hopefully will do that tomorrow.

I also have to give a challenge a go which is on the Fiskarettes Blog - check it out - it is their first one, so you really should get involved.

That's it for now then - Bye
Georgie xx

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Where has the week gone?

Well then goodness me - I really do not know where that week went! Not sure that you really want to know the ins and outs - but here is an extract!! I was busy at work all week and then I had arranged a training session on Weds. I had to work ALL DAY!! Can you believe that! (I usually work until 1pm ish) - I can tell you that was a shock to the system :-).

I also had to go to see my Consultant at the hospital. I suffer with a bad back (like many many unfortunate people do) and I had a call on Weds (right in the middle of the training session) asking me to go and see the Consultant on Friday - well I was very surprised, I have never ever had an appointment that quickly. When I saw the Dr all became clear.

He explained that the Registrar that I had seen on my last visit (about 2 months ago), became very confused and thought that I had problems with my leg and not my back!! I kind of thought something wasn't right at the appointment. I found it hard to understand what he was saying most of the time. He ended the appointment by saying that he had to discuss matters with the Dr and then they would contact me - but there was a chance that I would be put on the waiting list for an operation - but they would phone and let me know!
The appointment on Friday cleared that all up - I do in fact have a bad back and not a bad leg! Joking aside I have at last had it explained that I have 2 herniated discs, which the Consultant is willing to remove and fuse the two vertebrae together - but there is only a 60% chance that this will be any better than what I suffer with now. So I don't fancy taking those odds at the moment. He is also concerned about me having this op at my young age! (what a lovely chap). I have an appointment for Pain Management near the end of July - so I am going to give that a go and hope that I can find an alternative to the pain killing patches I currently wear. They make me so tired and believe me you can see that by the state of my house!! Anyway - sorry to have blabbed on.

I had a fun day today. I went to a Paper Craft Extravaganza - Sincerely Yours - in Taunton, Somerset (about 50 miles from home). Not a huge event - but funnily enough things seemed to be leaping into my bag. A very trendy pink BoBunny retractable craft knife and a Cuttlebug (yay!!), also some lovely papers by 'onthedot'. Guess what I am going to be doing in a minute eh!
I am sorry to hear from the girls up in Scotland that the weather hasn't been too great - sorry girlies but we had a beautiful day down in Exeter today - sunny and a good breeze - wait for it - 'a lovely drying day'!!

Here are a couple of the cards I did last night - I have a few more too, but I am going to keep those for my first Fiskars demo - The Range in Plymouth on Sat 5 July. Wish me luck - this is my first ever demo! I better like it as I also have Sun 13 July The Range in Truro, Sat 19 July The Range in Exeter and then Sat 2 August The Range in Bristol. Busy busy busy!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. I hope to get chance to catch up with a bit of blog reading too - I have really missed it this week.

Take care,
Georgie xx

P.S. - Just seen your Tag Kath - how exciting first one for me to do!!!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

I have a day off - hooray!

Well then - I have the day off today (lucky me) and I was all set to go to an acetate card class for the morning, but unfortunately I had a call a couple of days ago saying that it had been cancelled :-( So then I thought 'well that's ok - I have a mountain of ironing to get through - so probably better that I do that'. You can guess what is coming can't you?

I sat down to check my emails, starting blog hopping and that was it. I am full of ideas for card - and I just have to make the most of that don't I?! So I am allowing myself some time to sit and play now - and then I will do a couple of hours ironing this afternoon. I had even put the ironing board up and everything, so I will leave it up, just to remind me of what I should be doing!!

Anyway - I had a little play already and made a wallet, I saw this idea, where it had some little lollipops in it - and I just had to have a go. I think it would be great for vouchers or money and the lollipops for kids too.

The papers are from the DCWV Floral Stack, and Paisley Woodware Chippies - which I inked.

Hope the sun is shining where-ever you are.

Georgie x

Sunday, 8 June 2008

My second Tilda card

I have finally got chance to make something with all the images I have been colouring in with Eloise - Tilda and her cat.

The stamped images were coloured with water-colour pencils. I've used DCWV Floral Prints and Mat Stack, together with some yellow grosgrain ribbon.

I'm not usually a yellow kinda girl, so this was a little bit of a challenge (for me) to get the colours to work (you know what it is like, you have every paper pack out and your desk is covered with different variations of paper, patterened and plan, card, ribbon, brads, flowers etc!!! Fingers crossed the end result looks OK.

Well thats me done for the day, may get chance for a play early tomorrow morning - then Eloise has a birthday party to go to, so will be taxi driver in the afternoon (she has a better social life than Tim and I do!!)

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Blog Candy

Right then - this is something I am new to - the whole Blog Candy subject. Anyway I have started taking a look at other Blogs to try and get to grips with what it is all about, and as usual Kath's blog has been a good starting place in helping me to understand how it all works. So here we go:

Lil' Deb's has some great Blog Candy in her giveaway - there is so much there! She mentions that it was to celebrate 2000 hits - well her hit counter now shows well over 3000, so she has gone way past her target. She has some tutorial videos on her blog and lots of inspiration.

Secondly my Fiskars buddy Lorraine has some lovey Laura Ashley Blog Candy on offer too, pop over to her blog and take a look - you just need to answer a question (answer featured on her blog somewhere) and you are in with a chance.

Good luck everyone.

They are done!

Well, at last the invites are finished. Yippee.

The stamp arrived on Friday morning (to replace the one I had accidently thrown out - d'oh!) - so set about the stamping and embossing today. Finished and delivered to Brother-in-law and sister-in-law (to be) this evening. Both were very pleased - they loved them. They then put one in an envelope and gave it back to Tim and I!! I said there was no need as I knew the date and details, but they still wanted to offically invite us to their wedding - ah, its sweet init!

I've had a lovely day today - spent most of the morning stamping and colouring in Tilda's with Eloise. It seems to be her favourite past-time at the moment and she just loves Mermaid Tilda. Just look at the lovely colours :-)

Then, this afternoon, finished the wedding invitations. Eloise has gone to stay with Nanny this evening - so now I get to play on my own!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Wedding Invitations

Well then - what a busy couple of weeks it has been. Not that I have really been up to anything exciting, just working - oh and it was my birthday last Sunday - so had a lovely day then. I was really lucky and had lots of gorgeous Tilda stamps and Lily & Milo stamps (yay) - there are so many that I don't know which one I want to play with first! I am sure that I will overcome that little problem later.

I have been working hard on the wedding invitations for my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law - which are very nearly finished. I just have to tell you why they are not completely finished of course. Well, on the cover of the sleeve (sassy Bazzill card), bottom right hand corner - there is going to be stamped in gold the words -'Trust, Respect & Love' - which I had made, and arrived in plenty of time to finish off the invites. I went through all the different options - water mark wording, black and clear embossing, gold and gold embossing - and the couple decided on gold. They then had to decide where they wanted it, I suggested bottom right - bride-to-be wanted middle and bro-in-law agreed with me - they decided to go with bottom right. That's great then - all sorted. Sorry - hope you're not bored yet!

I had a busy couple of evenings, getting the invites finished, with just the stamping left to do - it was getting late and I didn't want to chance rushing the stamping, so thought it best to leave it till the next day (yesterday, Wednesday). Came home from work, thought I would get right on with it - but I couldn't find the stamp! There then followed a two hour search for the little stamp - but to no avail :-(

I came to the conclusion that I must have accidently thrown it out in the rubbish, and of course the bin men had been yesterday morning. Although I really don't think I would have enjoyed routing through the bins! Anyway - I ordered another one last night - luckily they do next day delivery so should be here Friday morning (keep your fingers crossed for me!). Never mind - these things happen eh! Oh - and here is the invite :-)

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Eloise's creations

Eloise has had a busy couple of days making cards, as we had two family birthdays yesterday.

I was really impressed with her creations. She knew what she wanted, where she wanted it and how she wanted it to look (I did help by drawing the lighthouse as we didn't have one).

I am so proud of her (I know I am biased), but I think she is really clever.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

I gotta Tilda stamp!

Now then, I don't post for a week, and I have done three today!

Anyway I am now the proud owner of a Magnolia Tilda with Basket stamp - I love these. I have seen so many blogs with examples on and just had to get one. I was very restrained and only bought 2 stamps - but it is my birthday soon - so guess what is on my wish list - MORE MAGNOLIA STAMPS!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed.

So here it is - my first card using my Tilda stamp, and the tulips. I still think this needs a little bit to finish it off - but I am beat now, just too tired and worried that I may ruin it. I am pretty sure that I will add some flowers and then leave it at that.

Right - off to bed now, night, night.

Georgie x

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Wedding Card

I have actually got around to making something and not just blog surfing!! This is for a wedding (as you may have guessed), where the bride will be wearing a red and gold sari (sorry if that is spelt incorrectly). My crafting buddy, Faye, is a supersleuth and had a chat with the bride to be to find out the colours. We really wanted to incorporate the red and gold - so this is what I have come up with.

You will probably hear me talk about Faye quite a bit. We work together, and over a chat at a work event (a few years ago now), found out that we both make cards - well that was it. We have been really good friends ever since - she is my bestest pal and is always there when I need her, and I love her loads. We have chatting on Messenger down to a fine art, but failing that we are in the same office, so able to chat in person, or by text!!

Anyway, enough of me babbling on - still have two more cards to do this evening. Brother-in-law birthday (hmmmm man card!), and female birthday (which I hope will be easy). Gonna have to tear myself away from the PC :-)

Wow - I've Been Tagged!!

I have been tagged with this 'Circle of Friends' from my Fiskars Buddy Kath - which was really lovely - thanks Kath. By the way Kath seems to be a bit of a Blog Queen, so you have to check it out! I now have to think of 4 blog friends to pass this onto - tricky as I am pretty new to blogging. Sure I will succeed :-)

Sunday, 11 May 2008

What a Beautiful Day

Wow - it was a scorcher down in Devon today, I really couldn't believe how hot it got. The sun shone all day, and we did the obligatory - sun's out, gotta bbq! Would love to hear if anyone else had a lovely day, whatever the weather was doing in your part of the country.

It was great, we spent most of the day in the garden. Eloise was on form, entertaining the family - there was 11 of us for lunch - and she just loves it when people come to visit. She also gave the trampoline a a pounding, so hopefully she will sleep well tonight. She was awake at 5.45 this morning! I really could do with a little more sleep.

Well off to clear up, got a mountain of dishes - luckily to put in the dishwasher (now that is one piece of kit I wouldn't be without), and then it won't be long before I'm off to bed (blimmin 5.45 I mean!).

Friday, 9 May 2008

Hi again

Nothing much really to talk about today, just day to day stuff, doing the school run, working, food shopping (boring), and thinking about the fact that I have to get on with the wedding invitations for my brother-in-laws wedding.

I promised that they would be done by this Sunday, so I really do need to get this sorted. They are having deep plum and gold for a colour scheme, which looks really lovely together - I will put a copy on the blog once they are finished. I suggested the invites should have a sleeve, which I am making out of Bazzil card - the texture really gives it a nice finish. I now have to cut out 50 of them (should have kept quiet about the sleeve!!). Nevermind, once they are done I will be very pleased with myself. Oh and I have to do half in Polish, as his wife to be is Polish and the wedding being held in Poznan, in Poland, in August - I can't wait. Eloise is being a bridesmaid and is so excited. Anyway, better stop chatting and get on with it!!!

Georgie x

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Some Cards

You will have to excuse my rather shoddy photography skills! I also need to figure out what size the images should be before I upload them, here goes anyway....

I regularly have to make cards for colleagues at work (you know the ones where everyone in the office has to sign them) - this was a leaving card, so has to be a fairly decent size. I used papermania vintage pink paper (the pink is on the other side!), together with some co-ordinating flowers, and I used my craft robo to cut out the text.

This one was using Francois Reed's Lazy Days stamp set.

And finally, I have a friends birthday coming up shortly, and she loves bold colours and designs. The papers are by Kate Knight dressed up with a little bit of glitter, the flowers from poppicrafts and I used my QuicKutz leaves.

Well, after all the excitement of actually getting my blog started, I think I am going to call it a day. I just have to make sure that I remember to keep it updated now! Somehow I don't think that will be much of a problem.

Georgie x

My First Post!

I've done it at last!

I have been blog surfing for a couple of weeks now - and keep thinking how great they all look, what a fantastic idea it is, and how kind all these people are to share all their hard work and inspiration.

It has taken me about half an hour to get the blog up and running, and about an hour and a half trying to decide what to write in the 'About Me' section!!! It's not as if I am short of anything to say - I can chat for England, as my poor husband would let you know. It is just hard to think what people would want to know.

Right - I am going to try and upload some piccies now, let's see how long that takes eh!