Thursday, 31 December 2009

Hello Kitty

Just a quick post to put on the card that I made for Eloise.  She is Hello Kitty mad, which in turn meant that I just had to buy some of the sizzixs dies and embossing folders!  I had great fun making up the little kitties, which all come out, so she can play with them.

I had to go hunting in her bedroom to find them, so I could take this picture.  Eventually found them playing in the tree house :-)

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Where did the last week go?

It has all been a bit busy in the Wood household, but we have had a lovely time over Christmas and I was thoroughly spoilt with lots of lovely pressies.  I was bought a very snazzy touch screen phone, by my dear hubby.  He has been quite amused by my lack of touch screen knowledge, as I am still looking for the proper buttons to push and not using the screen :-)

My dear little angel Eloise went shopping with her Nanny just before Christmas.  She gave me a lovely pair of pink fluffy slippers, and a gorgeous furry blanket - paid with out of her own pocket money.  She is such a sweetie.  Tim tried to give her some money to use, so she could keep her money, but she wasn't having any of it.

I also now have some lovely crafty goodies - lush 12 by 12 papers, lacey ribbons, charms, buttons, chipboard flowers, which all came from Faye.  I am determined that they will be played with today!

We had a lovely day yesterday, the highlight of which has to be the game 'How many people can you fit around the dining room table!'  Seems to be a family favourite at this time of year.  We don't have much room in our kitchen at the best of times, let alone when we are trying to squeeze in 9 people as well - but it was fun!

The rain is falling down in Devon at the moment, which means that I am going a little deaf, as I craft in the conservatory - good job you don't need your hearing for that eh :-)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Copic Colour Challenge #41

I'm a little nervous about this one, but have decided that I should finally give a challenge a go!  I am getting in by the skin of my teeth on this one though as the deadline is tonight.

I have done the following card for the Copic Colour Challenge which was to use the following colours in your design:
I am still a novice when it comes to colouring with the copics, but I am having fun trying :-)

Now then, the following picture is soooo bad - but I just cannot get it any better as it is just too dark, and if the flash comes on, then you just see a big white flash!  I will upload a better picture tomorrow, when there is some proper light.

There are some fabulous Design Team cards on the Copic Colour Challenge Blog and it just amazes me how they can all create such fantastic cards.

What a mess!

Just look at the state of this ......

and this is just a very small part of the conservatory that I completely and utterly trashed while I was finishing off this ......

rather large advent tower.

I managed to get it kinda finished (there are still lots of little swirls and ribbon that I would like to add) at midnight last night.  All the little drawers were filled with goodies ready for Eloise to open drawer number 1 when she got up this morning.

I pinched the design from a kit that Stamps Away did on Create and Craft, but their version was much smaller.  I found it really hard to buy little things to fit in the drawers, that were not just sweets, and that did not break the bank!  I am not a totally meanie, there are some sweeties (and a couple of choccies) in there, I just didn't want it all full of junk that Eloise wants to devour at 6am from now until Christmas Day.  So that's why I made this one much larger.  

Seeing as I had spent the best part of all weekend and every evening till last night working on my master piece - I decided that I would take it into the living room and spend some time with the other half, while I filled it with goodies.  He said some really nice things about it :-) and then asked where his was.  I don't think I am up to making another just yet (especially seeing as I haven't finished playing with this one).

Next I really want to have a go at a challenge - something that I haven't attempted yet - just got to decide which one.