Saturday, 9 January 2010

I just want to play

First week back at work after Christmas and what a week it was.  There is just so much to be done, that I ended up doing 12 hours extra.  So now my house needs a darn good clean, and the washing basket was full to the top.  I had some new stamps arrive on Tuesday and I just haven't had the time to ink even one of them :-(  That is just not on.

Eloise and I had a trip to a little Bead Shop today.  We oooeeed and aaahhhddd over all the lovely little shiny things, and picked up a few - 'cause you have to, don't you?  Now I am sat here, ooeeing and aahhing all over again - trying to think just what I should do with them.

Eloise was looking through her beads earlier and said "I just don't understand these beads" which baffled me totally - I am really not sure what there is to understand about beads?!  

I was chatting to Faye at the time and asked if she had been tutoring my daughter in the ways of "Fluff" - if you are a little confused with that, then go and check out Faye's blog and all will become clear.

I am off to catch up on some blogs and really hoping to ink up those stamps later - they are just calling to me!

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  1. You must, must, must play with those stamps! And your shiny things. I need pictures! xxx


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