Tuesday, 1 December 2009

What a mess!

Just look at the state of this ......

and this is just a very small part of the conservatory that I completely and utterly trashed while I was finishing off this ......

rather large advent tower.

I managed to get it kinda finished (there are still lots of little swirls and ribbon that I would like to add) at midnight last night.  All the little drawers were filled with goodies ready for Eloise to open drawer number 1 when she got up this morning.

I pinched the design from a kit that Stamps Away did on Create and Craft, but their version was much smaller.  I found it really hard to buy little things to fit in the drawers, that were not just sweets, and that did not break the bank!  I am not a totally meanie, there are some sweeties (and a couple of choccies) in there, I just didn't want it all full of junk that Eloise wants to devour at 6am from now until Christmas Day.  So that's why I made this one much larger.  

Seeing as I had spent the best part of all weekend and every evening till last night working on my master piece - I decided that I would take it into the living room and spend some time with the other half, while I filled it with goodies.  He said some really nice things about it :-) and then asked where his was.  I don't think I am up to making another just yet (especially seeing as I haven't finished playing with this one).

Next I really want to have a go at a challenge - something that I haven't attempted yet - just got to decide which one.



  1. Georgie!
    1. That is not even close to a mess!
    2. You're not a meanie about the sweeties - just make sure mine is jammed full of 'em next year!
    3. It's BEAUTIFUL! Well done. Take the rest of the day off.
    4. I know about a challenge...!

  2. It's beautiful and I am sure Eloise will enjoy opening it everyday.


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