Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Valentines treats

At Eloise's school on Friday we are having a Valentines Goodies sale.  I say we, as I am on the PTA and we thought it would be a lovely treat for the children, and a great way to raise a little bit of cash.

Well that is not the whole story, but I am just getting used to PTA politics and I don't want to bore you with the details - lets just say I seem to have caused an upset with my last set of minutes!

So this is what I have been making these little treats for - they have been made out of 6 inch squares of paper - so they are only diddy - and they have Love Hearts sweeties in them.  So far I am up to 30 and I am going to keep going till I run out of the paper squares, or until I get fed up - whichever may be sooner!

I have kept them really plain, so they are quick to make.  Not sure how well they will go down with the kiddies, but I just wanted to do something that was a little different than cakes.

Saying that, the oven has just beeped - which means that the 2 dozen fairy cakes Eloise and I just made are ready. Don't think I will be able to resist, so time for a cuppa :-)

I have a feeling that I may have to bake some more tomorrow!


  1. Politics, smollitics! What a bunch hey! These are lovely, I'm proud of you and I know it will be a huge success tomorrow, will be thinking of you! x

  2. Fabulous way to make money for the school honey & I'm sure that they flew off the table quicker than you could sit them down... yummy.

    Lorraine xxx

  3. Oh these are so cute, what fabby gifts.
    High Hopes stamps I get from Bunny Zoe's Crafts.

  4. Hi Georgie, Found your blog from Faye's, enjoyed reading through it, even when you have nothing to say (your words, not mine!) you still say something to keep me reading. Look forward to more from you soon and hope the Valentines treats went down a storm, they are gorgeously cute. I've signed up to follow you.

  5. Hi Georgie
    Just found your blog when I was over at Faye, joined up as a follower, cant wait to hear how it went, bet they all go, they are lovely.
    Christine x


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