Friday, 12 March 2010

Confused and copics!

Right - I have been having a great time catching up with all the great blogs that I follow (well, not all - but I am getting there) but now I am a little bit confused.

I was overjoyed to see that I have some new followers, and I wanted to check out their blogs - so I tried clicking on their names - but it wouldn't let me through.  So I thought I would send a message - to ask what their blog addresses were - but when I tried that it said that I needed to be a member of my blog!  Anyway, so now I look like a bit of a 'sad o', as I am now a follower of my own blog!!!  Oh well - one way to boost the numbers I suppose :-)

I am really excited tonight, as tomorrow I am off to an Introduction to Copic Ciao class in Exeter.  This is being run by Stamps and Memories.  I have been using my copics for a while now, but feel that I could do with some pointers - I have watched a lot of tutorials on YouTube and love colouring with my copics and promarkers, but I am still not totally happy with the results.  So, lets hope that I learn lots tomorrow.

Anyone got any ideas how I can label my copics?


  1. Hi Georgie
    Thanks for your lovely comment you can use the hairclip thingy any time, im glad I used it now, I got a lot of nice comments about it.
    Christine x

  2. No ideas for labeling Copics i'm afraid from me, I don't own enough (yet) to need them labelling!
    Hope you enjoyed your class.

    I've had the same issue with blogger, trying to look at someones blog and ended up following my own! Least i'm not the only one...

  3. I so wanted to go...! :(


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