Monday, 3 May 2010

I made a flower

I was full of good intentions to give the house a really good clean, and that has gone out of the window!  I'm in a real slouchy mood today and the pull of crafting and blog hopping has won - well, really - cleaning or crafting and looking at other peoples fab creations, just no contest :-)

Here is my flower that I made.  It was an idea that I completely  copied from Kristina's blog (fab inspiration) - how lazy is that, not one ounce of my own inspiration there anywhere!  I just really fancied having a go at making the little flower, as I thought it was gorgeous.  Next time round I will make sure that I do put in some effort on my part :-)

Going to get out some different papers and have another go now.

I had a fabulous afternoon on Tuesday, which seems like a long time ago now.  I babysat for my gorgeous (16 month old) godson.  I went to his house, picked him up from Mum (the fabulous Faye) and Dad and then we came back to ours to play.  This is the first time that Daniel had been in my car and he was a little unsure about what was going on!   He was such a dear and was so well behaved for me.  He amazes me at how well he copes with new experiences, and apart from a little scowly face during the car ride, he took it all in his stride.

Daniel's scowl soon disappeared and we were having a lovely chat on the way to our house.  As soon as he was in the door he headed for the toy box with the cars in, but was interrupted on the way by Dex, our cat, who he adores.  Well then that was it - all settled and we had a fun afternoon.  The scowl made a brief return when we had to get back into the car again though :-)   He was delivered home safe and sound, and I hope that Mum and Dad will let me take him out again, and maybe this time they will be able to relax a bit more ;-)

Hope everyone is having a lovely bank holiday Monday - and not doing any cleaning - otherwise I will feel really guilty!


  1. Not a duster or hoover in sight. As long as you don't disturb the dust you don't see it!

    Fab flower, will add to my 'things to try ' list.

    Liz x

  2. Hi Georgie, LOOOOVVVEEE this flower! like Liz says it must go on my "to do" list! Glad you had a fun time with Sweet Cheeks, I was saying to Faye that I could really do with my own Georgie! She suggested I move to Devon and she would share you! What do you think?
    Linds xxx

  3. You are banned from housework unless you have a note from me! You know that! Bad girl for thinking about it! Your flower is gorgeous, I don't care that you cased it. The card is just gorgeous too.
    Daniel hasn't stopped chatting about his afternoon out all week - when do you want him back?!! ;)

  4. This is beautiful
    hugs maxine x

  5. Love this flower card Georgie!!

  6. Definitely no housework for me!
    Love the card, really effective - look forward to seeing your other colour combos!

  7. Cleaning or crafting? Mmm - no competition really - crafting every time!

    Love the flower it's really pretty.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Daniel.


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