Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The missing hamster

Luckily for me, the hamster is not real, it is one of Eloise's toys.

Weekend before last Eloise bought a Zhu Zhu toy hamster (it is on wheels and makes funny little noises - very cute and much less hassle than a real one!), then nanny paid for lots of accessories, so she now has a little home for it, complete with play wheel, beds, babies and pram - lucky Eloise.

Towards the end of last week Eloise was looking for the hamster without any luck.   Everything else was all together, but just no sign of the hamster.  We had a big search for it, with me asking the usual 'I can't find ......' questions:

"When did you last play with it" - "when Rebecca came to play" (this was on Saturday)
"Where did you last see it" - "Charlie had it" (Charlie came to play on Wednesday)
"Where did Charlie have it" - "in the bedroom"
"Are you sure that Charlie had it last" - "yes"
"And you haven't played with it since then" - "no"

So big search continued for another hour - but no sign of it anywhere.  Eloise is so good though, I explained that she would have to wait and ask Charlie at school on Monday if she can remember where it was - by the look on her face she wasn't happy about that, but I think she knew that I had had enough searching by then!

Anyway, that was that.  The next day another friend came to play and just happened to bring their little hamster with them.  Eloise got out the house and they started playing - well by then I was feeling pretty sorry for her, to the stage where I was even considering popping out and buying her a new one.  No - I thought - so off I went, back upstairs to the black hole of a bedroom, to have another look.

I re-checked all the places again and I started to think that maybe someone else had taken the little hamster home with them - how dreadful is that - but I just didn't know where it could be.

I started to pack away some polly pocket toys.  Eloise has a set of hanging canvas shelves, that dangle under her bed (she has a high bed) - we usually keep bags, purses and belts in here.  Next to that is the polly pocket tub.  I got out the tub, put the toys in, was just sliding it away when I saw a little glimpse of fur - wrapped in a little orange blanket.  What a relief - I had found the blasted thing!

I then felt really dreadful for thinking that someone else could have taken this home with them, but then happy that I could let Eloise have her hamster back.  Off I toodled downstairs to give her the good news.

Taadaa - I said - and explained where I found him. "Aaaahhhh - now I remember" was the reply, "I put him to bed there".

Well, you can just imagine what I wanted to say - but we had company - luckily for Eloise!!!!

Oh - and I made a card, which I forgot to post just now!


  1. Oh don't you find thaty life seems to be taken up with searching for missing kiddy things! We have exactly the same problem with one of Jamies toys which mysteriously disappeared after another child took an unhealthy interest in it. I feel awful about thinking this but lets just say it wouldn't be the first time. I asked the parents to look out for it but can't keep going on about it without looking like i'm accusing the child. Poor J had spent all his birthday money on it and hadn't even had it a day. Don't think we'll see it again!

  2. lol,lol,lol,lol! xxx

  3. Glad you forgot cos I thought i'd just been mega rude and not commented lol! Love it Georgie, really like how you have cut out all the bubbles and the lovely blue. Gorgeous!
    Linds xx

  4. Oh you had me worried there. I had visions of Freddie Star popping up before my eyes.!!!!!

  5. I think my Mum had a few drinkies last night! The card is even better ITF. xxx

  6. This is soooooooooo cute, I love it.

  7. LOL! Gorgeous card Georgie & Happy Birthday :)


  8. Hi Georgie, I did laugh about the missing hammy, glad you found it.
    Your card is adorable, such a sweet image and gorgeous colour combo
    hugs Mandy xx


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