Friday, 16 July 2010

Has it really been that long since I posted last!

I don't know where the time has gone.  We are into July already and the weather is back to its usual British summary best - rain (mess your hair up kinda rain here at the moment - you know the fine drizzly stuff, the gets everywhere), and windy, generally just yuck!  Never mind, I am trying to remain positive and thinking OK, we can have this for a few days, as long as we get another few weeks of the lovely sunny stuff but yes, think I am living in my own little dream world.

I have made a card, but it was a bit of a rush and then I nearly forgot to take a photo of it before giving it away.  (That is my excuse for this being a pants photo).
I had the stamp from my bestest buddy Faye for my birthday (which was back in June) along with lots of other lovely craft stash.  I am so lucky to have a best friend who also is a craftaholic.

I must remember to fill you in with the details of my visit from the Fire Service - nothing bad happened but I was a tad embarrassed!

I think I need a lie down now, after managing to get a post done, with a bar of galaxy to keep me company!


  1. Georgie...this is gogeous...that image is soooo cute...what a kind fluffy friend you have giving this for you birthday.


  2. Oh what a darling of a card Georgie and a bit spooky cos I've used this image today too.

  3. Hello!
    Love the card, very cute stamp, Faye has good taste!
    I want to know about the fire service!!!!
    Linds xx

  4. Yay! Lieing down with a bar of galaxy, now that's my idea of how to spend an afternoon! Did it get very messy?! This card is gorgoeus, so, so pretty and your colouring is just fab. I think I 'need' that stamp! Argh! xxx

  5. The hamster didn't get stuck in the drain pipe did it? Hence the fire service. Come on spill the beans on this one.

  6. such a cutie card georgie and blimey what has happened to summer...chucking it down here too...big hugs kath xxx


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