Sunday, 22 June 2008

Where has the week gone?

Well then goodness me - I really do not know where that week went! Not sure that you really want to know the ins and outs - but here is an extract!! I was busy at work all week and then I had arranged a training session on Weds. I had to work ALL DAY!! Can you believe that! (I usually work until 1pm ish) - I can tell you that was a shock to the system :-).

I also had to go to see my Consultant at the hospital. I suffer with a bad back (like many many unfortunate people do) and I had a call on Weds (right in the middle of the training session) asking me to go and see the Consultant on Friday - well I was very surprised, I have never ever had an appointment that quickly. When I saw the Dr all became clear.

He explained that the Registrar that I had seen on my last visit (about 2 months ago), became very confused and thought that I had problems with my leg and not my back!! I kind of thought something wasn't right at the appointment. I found it hard to understand what he was saying most of the time. He ended the appointment by saying that he had to discuss matters with the Dr and then they would contact me - but there was a chance that I would be put on the waiting list for an operation - but they would phone and let me know!
The appointment on Friday cleared that all up - I do in fact have a bad back and not a bad leg! Joking aside I have at last had it explained that I have 2 herniated discs, which the Consultant is willing to remove and fuse the two vertebrae together - but there is only a 60% chance that this will be any better than what I suffer with now. So I don't fancy taking those odds at the moment. He is also concerned about me having this op at my young age! (what a lovely chap). I have an appointment for Pain Management near the end of July - so I am going to give that a go and hope that I can find an alternative to the pain killing patches I currently wear. They make me so tired and believe me you can see that by the state of my house!! Anyway - sorry to have blabbed on.

I had a fun day today. I went to a Paper Craft Extravaganza - Sincerely Yours - in Taunton, Somerset (about 50 miles from home). Not a huge event - but funnily enough things seemed to be leaping into my bag. A very trendy pink BoBunny retractable craft knife and a Cuttlebug (yay!!), also some lovely papers by 'onthedot'. Guess what I am going to be doing in a minute eh!
I am sorry to hear from the girls up in Scotland that the weather hasn't been too great - sorry girlies but we had a beautiful day down in Exeter today - sunny and a good breeze - wait for it - 'a lovely drying day'!!

Here are a couple of the cards I did last night - I have a few more too, but I am going to keep those for my first Fiskars demo - The Range in Plymouth on Sat 5 July. Wish me luck - this is my first ever demo! I better like it as I also have Sun 13 July The Range in Truro, Sat 19 July The Range in Exeter and then Sat 2 August The Range in Bristol. Busy busy busy!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. I hope to get chance to catch up with a bit of blog reading too - I have really missed it this week.

Take care,
Georgie xx

P.S. - Just seen your Tag Kath - how exciting first one for me to do!!!


  1. Oooh, welcome to the bug club. I love my cuttlebug :o)

    Hmm, I wonder if I can make your demo in Exeter in July, must make a note of it!

    Jules x

  2. Hi honey, you sure have had a busy week but at least you ended it by playing with some yummy toys. Will send you an email about your back you poor soul & living with my hubby I can appreciate the pain you are suffering.
    Cards are beautiful as usual & I'm hoping to come up with something nice today as I'll be in-doors as it's due to rain rain rain all day again here.
    Hope you have a better week this week.
    Lorraine xxx

  3. Hi honey, pop over to my blog there's a little something there for you.

    Lorraine xxx

  4. Sorry to hear about your back, it's terrible to be in constant pain :(
    Looks like you had a lovely spend to cheer you a little and I love your card.
    Good luck with your Fiskars demo's but I'm sure you won't need it :)
    Hope you enjoy yourself :)


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