Thursday, 5 June 2008

Wedding Invitations

Well then - what a busy couple of weeks it has been. Not that I have really been up to anything exciting, just working - oh and it was my birthday last Sunday - so had a lovely day then. I was really lucky and had lots of gorgeous Tilda stamps and Lily & Milo stamps (yay) - there are so many that I don't know which one I want to play with first! I am sure that I will overcome that little problem later.

I have been working hard on the wedding invitations for my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law - which are very nearly finished. I just have to tell you why they are not completely finished of course. Well, on the cover of the sleeve (sassy Bazzill card), bottom right hand corner - there is going to be stamped in gold the words -'Trust, Respect & Love' - which I had made, and arrived in plenty of time to finish off the invites. I went through all the different options - water mark wording, black and clear embossing, gold and gold embossing - and the couple decided on gold. They then had to decide where they wanted it, I suggested bottom right - bride-to-be wanted middle and bro-in-law agreed with me - they decided to go with bottom right. That's great then - all sorted. Sorry - hope you're not bored yet!

I had a busy couple of evenings, getting the invites finished, with just the stamping left to do - it was getting late and I didn't want to chance rushing the stamping, so thought it best to leave it till the next day (yesterday, Wednesday). Came home from work, thought I would get right on with it - but I couldn't find the stamp! There then followed a two hour search for the little stamp - but to no avail :-(

I came to the conclusion that I must have accidently thrown it out in the rubbish, and of course the bin men had been yesterday morning. Although I really don't think I would have enjoyed routing through the bins! Anyway - I ordered another one last night - luckily they do next day delivery so should be here Friday morning (keep your fingers crossed for me!). Never mind - these things happen eh! Oh - and here is the invite :-)


  1. They look lovely Georgie, what an annoying shame about the stamp though!

    Jules x

  2. Wow Georgie these are amazing the colour are striking together. I absolutely love them. Shame about your stamp though..
    Big hugs to my crafty buddy.
    Lorraine xxx

  3. Wow your invitations are gorgeous and what a lot of work - poor little stamp all alone in that big rubbish tip...oh dear. Have missed you in the world of blogging.


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