Monday, 23 November 2009

Just like waiting for a bus, nothing for ages and then two turn up at once

There really must be something wrong with me - blogging twice in one day, well that is just unheard of.

I just had to share a little tale about me and my bessie buddy Faye.  We are very lucky in that we both love everything crafty and can spend hours discussing articles in craft mags, moaning about the lack of craft shops down our neck of the woods and swapping info when we find something worth looking at on E-bay!  Well, this is what happened.

I found a lady selling some second hand stamps, and a great deal of them there were too.  There was a massive selection and all good makes, so the first thing I had to do was send the shop address to Faye (I tried to do this in a discrete email, so the hubbies wouldn't be alerted to possible spending on stamps, so no GREAT CHEAP STAMPS ON EBAY! in the subject).  That was that, job done.  Next thing I did was went and bid on a stamp, a little ant in a hammock - and forgot about it.

I won the auction for the little ant stamp (not sure why I am calling it little, as in general most ants are little!) and had a really nice surprise when it arrived.  The lady had included two little packets of flowers and a selection of stamped images on postcard sized card  for free :-)  I was overjoyed with the little crafty freebies and my new stamp.

Faye came around for a visit with my gorgeous godson, and I was telling her about my lovely surprise extras and showed her the stamp, to which she exclaimed 'I bid on that one too!'.  What are the chances of that eh!  Lesson learnt for today is - make sure you tell bessie buddy what you are bidding on on e-bay!

Right, hubbie home so better get tea sorted x

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  1. Hilarious, except you would've got it cheaper if we hadn't been in a bidding battle! Pah! Still we both won a stamp each so there is plenty for swappsies! xxx


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