Friday, 27 November 2009

What to do?

Morning :-)

Just got back in from the school run, which was a rather chilly and wet one this morning.  Nice to be all snug indoors, but typical that the blue sky is back now.  What's up with that?  I really think someone up there has it in for me sometimes.  Watches for when I reach for the door and then bam - the heavens open - just till I get into the car mind you and then it stops!

It's the last day of my week off work and I just can't decide what to do today, so many things to choose from:

  • Washing
  • Food shopping
  • Deliver PTA letters
  • Housework
  • or make a start on the advent boxes that I have decided to finally make for Eloise
I think I know which one is going to get done today!  Every year I admire other peoples fabulous creations and think yes, I will do one this year, and then the time just disappears.  Probably doesn't help that Ellie's birthday is on the 21st December, so trying to get ready for her birthday and then Christmas is always  pretty busy.

Anyway, a couple of days ago I actually bought the card - three A3 sheets of white pearl (think I may have gone over the top with that , but better to be safe than sorry and anyway we can never have too much card). But then I had a very hard time choosing between two lovely scrapbook pads by My Minds Eye.  In the end I went with their 'Wonderful Winter glittered papers' for the fun bit.  I just love every design in there (just hope Ellie likes it too).

This is my favourite for today, as every time I look at them there is another one that looks yummier than the last.

Right then, I am going to stop yapping on and I have decided on the plan for the day:

  • Cuppa
  • Crafting 
Blow everything else, I'm on holiday!  

Georgie xx

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  1. That big wet rain is nasty stuff! I'm glad you have chosen the correct option for todays's activities, I'd of had to come around and sort you out otherwise!


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