Saturday, 28 November 2009

Yay - it's the weekend

It's an early start for Ellie and I today.  The Brownies have organised a 'Golden Globe Event' at our local Odeon Cinema and the girlies have to put on their bestest outfits and at 9.30 this morning will be walking down the red carpet - how exciting is that! I am very jealous :-)

I am just about to get Ellie moving as, at nearly 9 years old, the fashionista in her has kicked in - 'Oh What to Wear' - no longer happy with what mummy picks out.  She did whittle it down to one of three outfits last night, so I see a mini fashion show coming on.

As for me, going to be a mum's taxi day, and I really hope for a bit of time working on the advent boxes as time is running out!

Georgie xxx


  1. Woah! That girl is gonna be a celebrity when she gets older! Disco's on a Friday night, red carpet on a Saturday...Just as well I've started her bubble tolerance training! ;)

    Sounds like you have a Supermum kinda day today - please don't go out with your pants over your trousers! xxx

  2. Lol lol lol

    Yes, well, we all know about your bubble tolerance training - giving my daughter a taste for champers already!

    Thanks for the fashion tip too - note to self, even if I feel like a supermum do not dress like one ;o)xx


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