Friday, 9 May 2008

Hi again

Nothing much really to talk about today, just day to day stuff, doing the school run, working, food shopping (boring), and thinking about the fact that I have to get on with the wedding invitations for my brother-in-laws wedding.

I promised that they would be done by this Sunday, so I really do need to get this sorted. They are having deep plum and gold for a colour scheme, which looks really lovely together - I will put a copy on the blog once they are finished. I suggested the invites should have a sleeve, which I am making out of Bazzil card - the texture really gives it a nice finish. I now have to cut out 50 of them (should have kept quiet about the sleeve!!). Nevermind, once they are done I will be very pleased with myself. Oh and I have to do half in Polish, as his wife to be is Polish and the wedding being held in Poznan, in Poland, in August - I can't wait. Eloise is being a bridesmaid and is so excited. Anyway, better stop chatting and get on with it!!!

Georgie x

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