Thursday, 22 May 2008

Eloise's creations

Eloise has had a busy couple of days making cards, as we had two family birthdays yesterday.

I was really impressed with her creations. She knew what she wanted, where she wanted it and how she wanted it to look (I did help by drawing the lighthouse as we didn't have one).

I am so proud of her (I know I am biased), but I think she is really clever.


  1. Wow, great job Eloise!

    I'm sat here with my 12 yr old daughter chelsea and we both think your cards are excellent :-)

    Jules x

  2. Well done Eloise - very talented and I think you may get that from Mum


  3. No surprise you're proud of her - well done Eloise - not long now & we'll be seeing a new blogger with a great deal of talent.

    Love Lorraine xxx

  4. Wowee!! they are gorgeous...I love them both. Looks like she inherited her mums talent :)


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