Monday, 5 April 2010


I have to type a very quick apology, as I have accidentally entered a challenge on Pollycraft, without making anything for it.  I hit Mr Linky and I shouldn't have.

I'm really sorry - promise I won't do that again x


  1. LOL..never mind Georgie, these things happen. We hope you will be able to join in with the Pollycraft challenge sometime.


    Joanne xx

  2. Lol Georgie that sounds just like something I would do :O) xxx

  3. Rofl....not to worry.
    Hugs Emma x

  4. lol, lol, lol, lol!

  5. Ha haah ha! Sounds like the sort of thing i'd do! Thanks for your lovely comment, i'm so glad (or should that be worried?) to hear that other MOLs do evil fattening acts as well as my own. It's a conspiracy. Probably learnt from listening to The Archers or Womans hour. Thanks so much for the tip about turning the camera button to the flowery thing will give it a go and let you know the result!
    Linds xxxx


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