Monday, 5 April 2010

Bank Holiday - yay!

I just love Easter bank holidays - the extra days off are so nice and I really think this is something we should push for, at least once a month!  A four day weekend out of every four weeks would suit me down to the ground :-)  Do you think that someone would take this on as part of their election campaign - if they did I would vote for them!

Anyway, we had hubby's family around for lunch yesterday, which meant that Eloise had her little cousin come to visit, she is 6 and never wants to sit still!  I made up a little Easter goody bag for her, as I know that her mum doesn't like her having too many sweeties and chocolate.  So the bag had a little Easter crafting set:  felt egg shapes, pipe cleaners, crepe paper, butterfly stickers, lovely bright coloured feathers.  Together with a little cuddly lamb, a little bag of white chocolate buttons and maltesers (well it is Easter, so there had to be some chocolate).

I thought it needed something else, so stamped out some images for her to colour in.  I asked Eloise to put them in a little envelope, which she decorated and wrote on 'for you to colour in' :-)  Eloise then started searching for something and when I asked her what, she said she was looking for one of her little pencil sets.  Well - due to the fact that I was cooking dinner for 7 at the time - I didn't really have time to help search.

I suggested that Eloise go through one of her many pots of pens and pencils and get some from there - which she did.  She has so many that some have not been used, so she picked these out.  I think this might have something to do with my love of pencils and pens, not so much hers!  She even found a little Disney Princess pencil case set, again which is brand new - and she is 'oh so too old for now' (her words!) so she asked if Erin could have this too.

I am always amazed by Eloise's generosity - I really expected her to say that she didn't want to give away some of her own pencils when I suggested it - but no, she was more than happy to - she is such a dear.

All the goodies went into a brown paper bag, which Eloise decorated with butterflys and little pink bows, we searched out some chipboard alphabets so she could put Erin's name on the front.  It looked lovely.

The bag was a hit, Erin plonked herself down on the floor and started colouring right away - the images were more popular than anything else (together with the little colouring kit that Eloise put together).  

I made the little header, bag closure thing (have no idea what to call it!) with a freebie image from Sliekje's blog - I love her little images so much, they are just so cute.  She is so generous and gives all her images away free.  I coloured in with my copics, which I am really starting to love now!

Jees - just realised how much I have babbled on, sorry!

Everyone else is still sleeping in the house, so I think I may have a play :-)

Hope everyone has a great Easter Monday xxx


  1. SO cute!!! and what a fab idea!

    thanks for joining us at pollycraft!


  2. What a great idea instead of all those chocklits.

  3. Aw such a sweet image and bless your daughter, so sweet of her.
    Hugs Emma x

  4. That bag topper is soooooooooooooooo cute! The image - need it! What a lovely couple of girls you and Eloise are. I love watching Eloise flower before my eyes, she is a credit to you.

    When I stand for president, I will be proposing a day off for every one worked...
    And free jelly to everyone on Fridays...
    And ice cream...

    Vote Fluffy!

  5. Hi,
    what a lovely bag you made and glad to hear that they had so much fun with it :-)
    greetings Sliekje and cats

  6. Hi Georgie
    I have left you a little something on my blog,
    Love the bag, great image beautifully coloured.
    Christine x

  7. What a great idea and what a generous child you have! Can I borrow her? Perhaps she could rub off some of the charm on my little Darling! Your blog is fab and your cards are gorgeous, will come for a proper nosey soon but have to go to a Baby Shower tonight. How times have changed!
    Lindsx x


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