Friday, 2 April 2010

Cheesecake Wish

What a lovely name for a stamp, although if I was to try and guess what the image would be, before I had seen it of course, then it would have shown the mousey actually diving into a cheesecake rather that just wishing for it!  But then again, maybe that is what I would wish for, one massive cheesecake big enough to dive into :-)

Anyway, that was the stamp that I used on Faye's birthday card, which was rather late as, as usual, I ran out of time!  I did let her have her pressies on time though and just said that the card would follow!

You may be able to tell by the excellent photo, that I didn't take this one!  I forgot to take any before I gave it to Faye, so she very kindly did it for me - thanks hunny x

I bought the papers at a show in Taunton about 2 years ago, and loved them so much that I have just looked at them for all that time, but there comes a time when they must be used.  They are from 'on the dot' and called raspberry lemonade.   The card stock is from Stampin' up - and probably has an equally delicious name, but I don't know it!

It has been a really busy week, lots of PTA things going on, we ran a plate decorating competition for the kids, so this week involved the judging and prize giving.  The children were so creative - just fantastic and really made me smile looking at their little works of art.  Eloise won with her plate too - and no, I wasn't a judge so it wasn't fixed :-)  One of the criteria in the judging was to try and make sure that the children had done most of the decorating themselves - we were absolutely amazed at the amount of 4 year olds that could draw perfect chicks and bunnys, and could also colour inside the lines!  I suggested that the next competition we hold should be for the mums and dads and not the kids ;-)  We also held an Easter cake sale, so the cash keeps coming in for the school.

Eloise is looking forward to eating lots of chocolate this weekend (which I may have to help her with a little) and I am looking forward to doing a lot of nothing today!  The rain is pouring down here at the moment, so another excuse to stay all cosy indoors.

Oh - just realised that I can enter a challenge with this card, how exciting, only done this once before :-)
It is over at Charisma, and it is Animal Magic.

Have a lovely Easter weekend all xx


  1. This card is just so pretty in real life, the picture doesn't do it any justice! xxx

  2. Choklit I can live without but Cheesecake now your talking my kinda language. I have some in the fridge right now! Card is lovely and the colours are so pretty. Lucky Faye.

  3. Definitely a card worth waiting for, utterly gorgeous!We just had an Easter bonnet comp. at our school and to look at some of the creations, you know there is no way children have done them!!!

    Well done on your win Eloise, and don't let Mum pinch all the chocs!

  4. Oh what an adorable card Georgie, sweet image and fab colours.


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