Saturday, 17 April 2010

Do you love ribbon?

and do you love a bargain - I do.  I had an email through to say that unfortunately Poppicrafts is closing for a while on the 30 April :-( and Michelle is having a massive sale.  So if you need any ribbon then go and have a browse, she also does some gorgeous little crochet flowers, which just happened to jump into my basket just before I checked out!  Now how on earth does that happen?

I have actually made something too, which did involve a little bit of ribbon.  I found a video quite a long time ago for this little Kit Kat holder, and really wanted to try and make one.  It is so simple and quick.  The video is done by Angie Kennedy Juda, who is a Stampin' Up Demonstrator.  She has loads of videos online if you are looking for any ideas.  The video of this treat holder is here and here is my version:

as you may have spotted Breakaways also fit :-)

The papers were from my recent Pink Petticoat purchase and the little zebra is a Cuttle Kids die.

On a totally different subject my poor sister is stranded in Croatia at the moment, due to the no fly rules that are currently in place.  She went to a work convention on Wednesday and was due back today, but the news yesterday was that she may possibly get a flight on Monday, although it keeps changing by the day.  I feel so sorry for her and really hope that she gets home soon.

Off to play now - got a need to stamp something xxx


  1. OH HOW GORGEOUS!!!! Love it love it love it! Love everything about it, especially love that it has.....choccie in it! Only thing is could you make it a bit bigger please as I like my Dairy Milk to come in 2Kg bars! Mmmmmmm!
    Linds xxx

  2. LOL! I suppose you could make a 12 by 12 version! I've seen it, stroked it and licked the choklit and it really does look this good for real. x

  3. LOL - that will have to be the challenge then girls - make one to fit a 2kg bar for Lindsey! And Faye, I did wonder why the chocky was sticky, he he he he xx

  4. This is a lovely idea, love it!


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