Saturday, 10 April 2010

I shouldn't have eaten that!

How guilty (and podgy) am I feeling today.  Last night I polished off a large bag of Walkers Roast Chicken and Thyme crisps AND half  a Cadburys Flake Easter egg!

I was possessed by something, honest, as there is no way that I would ever do that, so there must have been some other spiritual force involved ;-) (do you think if I keep telling myself that I will be convinced? - nah, me neither).

I have to be good today - the fruit bowl is positioned in front of the chocolate mountain - in a bid to distract me from temptation.  Wish me luck!


  1. Shame on you! Only half an egg?! I think that is very restrained. Good luck with the fruit idea. Bananas are lovely with icecream and a dollop of melted chocholate..........!

  2. ps something for you on my blog ;-)

  3. Only half the egg? Pah, part-timer! Fruit?! Wash your mouth out. But Linds has the right idea about the banana. Actually, knickerbocker glories have fruit in


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